January 31, 2014

{Five For Friday} Jan. 31!

I am linking up again this week with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday! Check it out!

This week was my first week teaching math in my internship, as you may already know from my last post about my math centers! What I didn't include in that post was the whole group learning games we played afterwards before going home.  We played a game called "I am, You Must Be" and the kids loved it! You start with one and say "Hi. I'm 1, you must be 2!" and shake hands with the person next to you. They then turn to the next person, say, "Hi. I'm 2, you must be 3," shake their hand and so on. They were so excited to shake their friend's hand. It was adorable. They were a little giggly though, so it did make it hard to keep them focused. But it was a great review on numbers and since we have 19 kids in the class, the game went to 20 (since I played, too).

We also put my new "I Have, Who Has" game to use. I printed them on light blue card stock and laminated them. We are learning numbers 11-20 during this unit in math. I used the cards with the ten frames on them for this go around. Once they get better we can take that away. They were GREAT. They listened, they all participated, and they were actually calm and quiet. I was amazed.

They turned out nice and I am glad I laminated them and made them so durable, because we are definitely going to play this again next week.

If you would like to download them as well, check them out here or click the picture. The pack includes the cards with and without ten frames, with pictures instead of ten frames, and when they are ready, just the written form of the word.

We did a lot of 100 Day stuff this week since yesterday was the 100th day of Kindergarten! We did so many awesome things. Throughout the day yesterday, I took small groups over to make fruit loop necklaces. There have been some pins on Pinterest about it and I pinned it a while back hoping to use it. And I did! They loved it. And thank goodness for Google! I searched how many Fruit Loops were in a box and the regular size box on average has 1725 Fruit Loops in it. Well, I have 19 kiddos, so I got the big box. However, lesson learned: ALWAYS account for broken fruit loops... It was hard for the last kid to find good pieces. Poor thing. But it was created!

We used regular yarn (we picked red!) and taped it to the table. My supervising teacher also had big plastic "needles" so they could thread the yarn through the Fruit Loops. I would not recommend it any other way. The one I saw on Pinterest just had crazy colors and no pattern, but I had our kids do A-B patterns in their's. They did them in groups of 10 and then got a tag that read "10 Days," "20 Days," "30 Days," and so on. That made it easier for them to keep track of how many Fruit Loops they already had on there and how many more they needed. It also made the necklace look really cute. ;)

Hehe. I love it!

Also for 100th Day they had a Kindergarten parade where the students had to make a "float" or a costume of some sort that had 100 of something on it. We got so many neat things! Posters! Hats! Sandwich signs! Wagons filled with candy! We even had one boy bring a big toy car and he attached his dog leash to it so he could pull it! Even better... he covered it with worksheets that he got a 100% on. Love it!!

100 Army Men, 100-Eyed Monster, 100 Star Wars stickers on a cowboy hat ( <3 ), 100 pencils glued in the shape of a pencil, 100 hearts (there's more on the back of it), and 99 cotton balls (one fell off... and then we couldn't find it...)

The projects were all great. And all of Kindergarten did it, so the parade was pretty long! Our class was the last class, though... And it was COLD.

I have been pretty bad about exercising this week. My goal (if you recall from my New Year's post about fitness) was to go to the gym 5 days a week. That quickly got pushed down to 4, which really, I am okay with. 5 was a little excessive with the schedule I have... But here it is... Friday... And I have only gone.... twice. :( I plan on going tomorrow and taking my time since its Saturday, but I am disappointed in myself. I will say though, that I have been GREAT with eating right! Well, except for 100th Day. There were a lot of snacks... and... well... it's hard to stay fit in a Kindergarten classroom!

I am working on a new product. My goal was to have it up this week, but I'm tellin' ya, 100th Day WEEK wore me out! Don't judge me too harshly. I'll be posting something for your resources ASAP!