January 1, 2014

Here We Go!

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda and I am the creator of Daisy Designs. Basically, I am a student-teacher and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience in creating and implementing lesson plans and activities with my students... So much that I would like to share them. With so many education blogs out there, I wanted to join the fun and start posting what it's like to be a student-teacher, on my way to becoming an elementary school teacher!

Currently, I am interning at an elementary school in Florida and I've been assigned Kindergarten! I never thought I would enjoy Kindergarten as much as I do. I always thought of myself as a 4th or 5th grade teacher. But when they (the university I attend and the school's district office) says "Jump!" you say, "How high?" So, Kindergarten it is! And I love it. I did spend a short time in 4th grade as well and I loved it, too! So, I guess I am just a lover of all things education. :)

Other than teaching, my life is pretty ordinary! I recently got married (5 months ago!) and I have two precious chihuahuas. In fact, Daisy Designs is named after my first little chihuahua, Daisy! She's small and yippy but SO full of love and snuggles. 

Sweet Baby Daisy
Isn't she beautiful?! She's my inspiration! My other chihuahua is also my inspiration. Her name is Pudgy and I toyed around with "Pudgy Products" being the title of my store (I really like word play #teacherlife), but it just sounded like another weight loss program, so I went with Daisy Designs!

But she's beautiful, too. <3

Keep checking back for more posts! And check out my Teachers Pay Teachers profile: Daisy Designs