January 24, 2014

{Five for Friday} Jan. 24

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week for the {Five for Friday} linky! I'll post 5 random things that happened this week in the world of an intern in Kindergarten!

I finished my planning sheets and started using them. I like them a lot! Right now I am only in charge of planning for Math, but very soon I will be taking over the class, so I'll be filling these pages up! I may not actually have enough room for my big bubbly handwriting... Maybe it will give me an opportunity to practice smaller writing...

I love my pages. <3 

This week I had a lot of fun continuing with the kiddos' winter activities... even here in Florida. This week has been a COLD one. I know the 30 degree weather I'm having is not cold to some, but good grief! It is horrible for my Florida blood. This has been a long winter........

Anyway, we did a little activity with mittens in math this week and it was cute. The students learned the meaning of "predict" and made a prediction of how many of a chosen manipulative would fit in a mitten. They used dry erase worksheets (Yay laminating!) and then we counted how many actually would fit. They loved all counting at the same time as me to see how many would fit. I did this is small groups of about 4-5 kiddos. :) We then recorded the number of the actual amount that would fit and broke it down to how many tens and ones were in that number.

Then we tried a larger mitten. We all had a lot of fun with this center activity.

I LOVE it when kids don't think I'm watching and they do cute things like hold hands, hug, high five each other, etc. I adore it. Today was a strangely cuddly day for the kinders, I guess, because I saw it a LOT! I saw very unusual pairs of children holding hands and even dancing! On the playground today, a little girl and boy were seriously ball room dancing! They were twirling and spinning and had their arms in the right place. It was seriously one of the most precious things I've ever seen. I guess they are getting into the Valentine's Day spirit early!

I put up a new TpT product today! In Kindergarten we are starting numbers 11-20 and then shortly after that, 20 and beyond. I am a fan of the game "I Have, Who Has" and created one for Kindergarten number recognition and number fluency. I love it! There are five sets of cards all for varying levels of number recognition. They can be used as individual sets or they can be mixed together for differentiation.

Picture Cues

With Ten Frames

Numbers with no pictures.

Written form of numbers.

Written form with picture cues.

Check it out here at my TpT store: Daisy Designs

A yearly tradition for the school I'm interning at for the 100th day of Kindergarten, is to make shirts with every student's handprint in paint and to wear them in a parade around school. Here's some Math for you:

1x shirt for every student
20 students in every class
1 handprint per student PER shirt
5 classes of kinders

Yeah. That's right. That's 2000 painted handprints....

Well, we finished that this week and THANK GOODNESS for parent volunteers.... <3