March 29, 2015

The "My Mind is Rambling On" Post

I haven't posted in ages and ages! I was sick (again...), trying to get through the week before Spring Break, trying to get through the last day of my theater class... I feel terrible because my blog has taken a step back. But not today!

Like probably every other teacher in the world (or woman for that matter), my mind is always thinking about too many things at once. Anyone else? Shout out in the comments if your brain likes to do this to you, too. I can't be the only one!

Today, I've decided to jump back into my blog with a list of 20 thoughts I've compiled of my brain on the Sunday of Spring Break:

My brain on Spring Break! Anyone else think this GoNoodle brain break is hilarious?

1) Oh, thank GOD it is Spring Break.

2) Why, oh why, am I crampy on Spring Break? This better not be a sign of things to come.

3) That pile of dishes in the sink sure is unsightly.

4) Mmmmm, coffee.

5) Dagnabbit, Daisy (my dog)! Now we have to clean the carpet!

6) Thanks, Ryan (my hubby), for cleaning the carpet for me. <3

7) When I get back to school next week I want to try that really cool thing I saw on Pinterest last night.

8) When I get back to school next week I want to have those new TpT centers I bought printed and laminated.

9) When I get back to school next week I want to have my black shelf more organized for the nuggets to choose their centers.

10) When I get back to school next week... wait... why I am already thinking about this?!

11) Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy was intense. I have to start Season 5 today!

12) OH SNAP! I found that Panera gift card I got for Christmas! Mmmmm, scones....

13) The music for this musical I'm directing over the summer is really cute!

14) Oh, that will be a great idea for that summer musical!

15) Summer is only 8 weeks away after Spring Break... gotta get this choreography started...

16) Speaking of choreography, wasn't I supposed to help that guy with a tap dance for a show in April? I should text him...

17) Wow, he responds fast... Gotta get cracking on that choreography, too. "I'm siiiiiiiiingin' in the rain...."

18) I have to go to the bathroom, but I'm so comfortable in my office chair with my coffee.... And lazy, what is wrong with me??

19) Well, I went to the bathroom and those cramps were prophetic... Dagnabbit...

20) When I get back to school next week.... STOP IT! STOP thinking about school!

With all that being said/thought... let's move on to The Sunday Scoop! My favorite linky! This might help me filter through all these important/unimportant rambling thoughts.

I keep thinking that today is the first day of Spring Break, even though, technically yesterday was. Well, my husband and I kicked off my Spring Break with a day at Sea World (it is pretty awesome living in Florida) which is only an hour drive and a night seeing The Blue Man Group! We had never seen them before. I was so busy and tired yesterday that I didn't really feel like it was Spring Break yet! But, man, was it fun! I didn't get any pictures really (with an annual pass to Sea World, I don't remember to take pictures anymore), but I did get one! Ryan won me a really awesome SUPERHERO PENGUIN. SERIOUSLY. My nickname in high school was The Super Penguin as I loved penguins and superheroes. This was absolutely perfect. We won it playing Plinko on our first try. WOO-HOO!

To kick off my Spring Break, I just posted my Spring Sentence Builders pack last week and for the entirety of Spring Break, it will be on sale 20% off! My kiddos did one of them in their center time last week and it was a big hit! Happy Spring Break fellow teachers (if you are on yours as well)!

March 15, 2015

Where Have I Been? Sunday Scoop March 15

I have to apologize for my blogging absence. I have been incredibly sick the past week! I finally have my voice back and I think my body is no longer rebelling, so we will give this week a try as a completely 100% normal week (yeah, we'll see...) ;)


This being my first year teaching, it is blowing my mind that I'm thinking about next year. Of course, that's totally normal. There's a lot of prep to do and really, there's only 2 and a half more months till summer! WHAT?!

Anyone else terrible at remembering to take medicine? I've never had any medication that I've had to take regularly and sometimes when I have an antibiotic where they say with threats in their eyes, "Whatever you do, do NOT miss one!" Yeah... I'm the person they are always talking to. Hopefully I can remember them today!

Friday was a friend's birthday and I was out sick... I didn't get a chance to get her anything, but I want to! I know what I'm getting, just gotta get dressed and go. Is is sad that the hardest part is getting dressed??


I have been working on a really fun Sentence Builder pack for Spring and really need to get a move on posting it! It is almost finished, so I hope to do more with it today and upload it to my store. If you haven't seen my newest Sight Word Cut and Paste activity set, you must! It's 50% till the end of today! My upcoming Sentence Builder Packs are an extension of this Sight Word series I've been starting. Click the picture and download the preview, THERE'S A FREEBIE IN IT! :)

Even though I want to finish that product, man, do I want to play some video games! No judging, please. ;)


My brother is coming over today just to chill. I'm thinking popcorn and Netflix, but it will probably turn into popcorn and just hanging out and talking like it usually does. Love him!

Don't forget to head back over to The Teaching Trio's blog to check out more Sunday Scoops! It is my favorite linky. ;) Enjoy your weekend!

March 6, 2015

Five for Friday!

Wait... am I REALLY doing a Five for Friday?! Usually by the time I reach Friday I am so exhausted that literally nothing happens except for Netflix and bed. Today, however, we had a field trip and I passed out at 3:30pm immediately upon returning home and now I'm wide awake. :) Let's get this party started!

Last year, my kinders and I did a project called Seasons Photo Booths and it was a HUGE hit! This year my group is MUCH different but I decided to go for it. I am so glad I did! Basically, each small group is assigned a season and is given a poster board with a hole cut in it. They must draw the body dressed in the correct clothing for the season and give the drawing a background depicting the weather conditions for that season! It was a blast!

How cute is this Spring Photo Booth?! I love the fat rain drops.

Hard at work!

A finished Winter Photo Booth complete with adorable face!

To see the ones we created last year, click HERE for the post!

As I mentioned before, we went on a field trip today! We went to a great farm that is set up great for Kindergarten field trips. We just moved into our science unit on animals so this was a great learning experience for my kiddos. My allergies are not impressed though.

Milking a goat!

Feeding the cows!

Petting the sheep!

Feeding the chickens!

This farm also had rabbits to feed and pet and HUGE pigs! It was a lot of fun, even though the weather wasn't that great and my whole face is red and swollen now. Even my strongest allergy meds could not face the power of farm animals...

This week I worked on a little project to get a certain student more excited about Math. I have a student that is just so low that sometimes I have no idea what to do with her! But I know something about this little baby. She LOVES (and I'm talking... like... obsessed) with dinosaurs. That's right. So I purchased some adorable dinosaur clip art and made some math games for her. This weekend, I'll be printing them out and will definitely snap some pictures. I posted it in my TpT store as well and I love it! Click the images below to see it up close and with more description.

If you don't know already, I teach classes at a community theater after school once or twice a week. I originally went to school for theater and discovered I would much rather teach than perform... so I went for Education! Best decision I have ever made!!

Well, I don't know if there is something in the water lately, but I have been getting AMAZING students sign up for these classes this semester! The last class that finished up was a mime class called "It's Not Yours, It's MIME!" and it was a small class of 7 girls. I can't tell you how much I looked forward to getting together with these little ladies each and every week! I only snapped one photo unfortunately but it was so cute! We did a showcase at the end of the class's 5 weeks and we had family members volunteer for a miming game called Model, Artist, Clay. I had one itty bitty 4 year old student in the mix of all the 7-10 year olds that begged to do the class with her big sister. How could I say no?! She was wonderful. And take a look at this height difference! Hehe!

Now I'm working on a performance class called Thoroughly Modern Musicals and I have 16 sudents age 7-11. They are so enthusiastic, it blows my mind! I had 3 students so excited about this class that they looked up "thoroughly" in the dictionary to be sure they were ready. LOVE!

Getting to that time again where we try to catch those pesky leprechauns! I can't wait to see what kinds of traps the kids bring in! Here are some photos of what happened last year. Click any of the photos to see the full post.

(pistachio pudding... aka Magic Leprechaun Food)


March 1, 2015

Sunday Scoop and Currently!

Wow, it's March! This year is seriously flying by. And I have a feeling March won't slow it down. And here I am doing a Currently on the first again! I'm on fire!

LISTENING: Netflix is the best!
LOVING: I missed Joey so much and now he moved back and we got to go to dinner today! It was the best!
THINKING: I'm in one of those moods today that I just can't get motivated... I NEED TO!
WANTING: I am SO ready for Spring Break. Although March should be pretty fun. Our Spring Break isn't until the first week of April. When is yours?
NEEDING: I mean really...
SPRING BREAK PLANS: Ryan and I may need to move within the next year and so we are scoping out some places. North Carolina is stop number one and we are going to several different cities to see what we like! Sound off in the comments if you're in NC!

And now, here's the scoop...

- I don't even want to describe my house to you it is so bad...
- I lost something that I borrowed from someone and I am SO scared that I won't be able to find it. Hopefully by cleaning the house I find it. I will definitely post an update when I have found this stress maker!
- Ugh. I hate grocery shopping.

- We are in week 2 of Unit 7 here in Florida in our Kindergarten Reading Wonders series. I am a fan of the reading series, but there's little supplemental independent activities included so I started with Unit 5 this school year and have been posting creations to go with each unit in my store. If you haven't checked them out, they are awesome. My whole school is using them for Kindergarten and another school in my district as well and the kids LOVE them! Click the images below and don't forget to snag the freebie sampler to see what it is all about!


I will be creating for the entire reading series and I really hope that I can get Unit 8 more solidified today! We shall see... This messy house is certainly a priority...

If you don't know, I am an avid doodler. I can't really draw animals, people, buildings, or anything that makes sense, but I can draw some pretty neat designs! I LOVE zentangle, which I accidentally discovered on Pinterest. It is so relaxing! Here are some of my more recent "doodles" which I was inspired to create by other doodles on Pinterest. I'm still in the copying stage a little bit. Hopefully I can be doing my own pretty soon!

And one thing that I am HAPPY to do: Drink this cup of coffee before anything else happens... Happy Sunday!