March 1, 2015

Sunday Scoop and Currently!

Wow, it's March! This year is seriously flying by. And I have a feeling March won't slow it down. And here I am doing a Currently on the first again! I'm on fire!

LISTENING: Netflix is the best!
LOVING: I missed Joey so much and now he moved back and we got to go to dinner today! It was the best!
THINKING: I'm in one of those moods today that I just can't get motivated... I NEED TO!
WANTING: I am SO ready for Spring Break. Although March should be pretty fun. Our Spring Break isn't until the first week of April. When is yours?
NEEDING: I mean really...
SPRING BREAK PLANS: Ryan and I may need to move within the next year and so we are scoping out some places. North Carolina is stop number one and we are going to several different cities to see what we like! Sound off in the comments if you're in NC!

And now, here's the scoop...

- I don't even want to describe my house to you it is so bad...
- I lost something that I borrowed from someone and I am SO scared that I won't be able to find it. Hopefully by cleaning the house I find it. I will definitely post an update when I have found this stress maker!
- Ugh. I hate grocery shopping.

- We are in week 2 of Unit 7 here in Florida in our Kindergarten Reading Wonders series. I am a fan of the reading series, but there's little supplemental independent activities included so I started with Unit 5 this school year and have been posting creations to go with each unit in my store. If you haven't checked them out, they are awesome. My whole school is using them for Kindergarten and another school in my district as well and the kids LOVE them! Click the images below and don't forget to snag the freebie sampler to see what it is all about!


I will be creating for the entire reading series and I really hope that I can get Unit 8 more solidified today! We shall see... This messy house is certainly a priority...

If you don't know, I am an avid doodler. I can't really draw animals, people, buildings, or anything that makes sense, but I can draw some pretty neat designs! I LOVE zentangle, which I accidentally discovered on Pinterest. It is so relaxing! Here are some of my more recent "doodles" which I was inspired to create by other doodles on Pinterest. I'm still in the copying stage a little bit. Hopefully I can be doing my own pretty soon!

And one thing that I am HAPPY to do: Drink this cup of coffee before anything else happens... Happy Sunday!