March 29, 2015

The "My Mind is Rambling On" Post

I haven't posted in ages and ages! I was sick (again...), trying to get through the week before Spring Break, trying to get through the last day of my theater class... I feel terrible because my blog has taken a step back. But not today!

Like probably every other teacher in the world (or woman for that matter), my mind is always thinking about too many things at once. Anyone else? Shout out in the comments if your brain likes to do this to you, too. I can't be the only one!

Today, I've decided to jump back into my blog with a list of 20 thoughts I've compiled of my brain on the Sunday of Spring Break:

My brain on Spring Break! Anyone else think this GoNoodle brain break is hilarious?

1) Oh, thank GOD it is Spring Break.

2) Why, oh why, am I crampy on Spring Break? This better not be a sign of things to come.

3) That pile of dishes in the sink sure is unsightly.

4) Mmmmm, coffee.

5) Dagnabbit, Daisy (my dog)! Now we have to clean the carpet!

6) Thanks, Ryan (my hubby), for cleaning the carpet for me. <3

7) When I get back to school next week I want to try that really cool thing I saw on Pinterest last night.

8) When I get back to school next week I want to have those new TpT centers I bought printed and laminated.

9) When I get back to school next week I want to have my black shelf more organized for the nuggets to choose their centers.

10) When I get back to school next week... wait... why I am already thinking about this?!

11) Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy was intense. I have to start Season 5 today!

12) OH SNAP! I found that Panera gift card I got for Christmas! Mmmmm, scones....

13) The music for this musical I'm directing over the summer is really cute!

14) Oh, that will be a great idea for that summer musical!

15) Summer is only 8 weeks away after Spring Break... gotta get this choreography started...

16) Speaking of choreography, wasn't I supposed to help that guy with a tap dance for a show in April? I should text him...

17) Wow, he responds fast... Gotta get cracking on that choreography, too. "I'm siiiiiiiiingin' in the rain...."

18) I have to go to the bathroom, but I'm so comfortable in my office chair with my coffee.... And lazy, what is wrong with me??

19) Well, I went to the bathroom and those cramps were prophetic... Dagnabbit...

20) When I get back to school next week.... STOP IT! STOP thinking about school!

With all that being said/thought... let's move on to The Sunday Scoop! My favorite linky! This might help me filter through all these important/unimportant rambling thoughts.

I keep thinking that today is the first day of Spring Break, even though, technically yesterday was. Well, my husband and I kicked off my Spring Break with a day at Sea World (it is pretty awesome living in Florida) which is only an hour drive and a night seeing The Blue Man Group! We had never seen them before. I was so busy and tired yesterday that I didn't really feel like it was Spring Break yet! But, man, was it fun! I didn't get any pictures really (with an annual pass to Sea World, I don't remember to take pictures anymore), but I did get one! Ryan won me a really awesome SUPERHERO PENGUIN. SERIOUSLY. My nickname in high school was The Super Penguin as I loved penguins and superheroes. This was absolutely perfect. We won it playing Plinko on our first try. WOO-HOO!

To kick off my Spring Break, I just posted my Spring Sentence Builders pack last week and for the entirety of Spring Break, it will be on sale 20% off! My kiddos did one of them in their center time last week and it was a big hit! Happy Spring Break fellow teachers (if you are on yours as well)!