April 3, 2015

April Currently and a FREEBIE!

Hooray, it's April! The weather is warmer, I'm on Spring Break, and we're getting down to the wire on this school year. I love Spring! It is a little hot in my neck of the woods (Central Florida), but I am so glad to shed those jackets and sweaters!

A new month means a new Currently! Thank you Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

As I promised in the title of this post, I have a new freebie up! I have to explain a bit on this one. This year, I'm in a portable... with no closet... no cabinets... no storage whatsoever. I was provided with some tiny metal cabinets but other than that, I was on my own. My sister-in-law gave me her old giant DVD shelf which has been great for little things, like cups of dice, popsicle sticks, flash cards, etc. As the year has progressed, I've struggled keeping organization with my center materials. The Ziploc baggies are getting old (or lost) and those envelopes are a pain!

THEN... I found a bunch of old empty DVD cases... which I thought, "Those would fit in that DVD shelf perfectly, HELLO!" So I put together some cute covers to slide in, directions/materials needed on the back, and now I have easily accessible and organized center materials.

I decided to put the template I created in PowerPoint in my store for FREE so you can make your own! The PowerPoint is already in the correct size to cut and slip in the case. The template is editable so you can create covers for your own materials or match your classroom theme/decor/personality! Click the image below to get your FREEBIE!

The center materials shown in the example above are from my Dino-Mite Math Centers pack. Click the image below to see the full product.