April 26, 2015

Some BIG News on This Fine Sunday Morning...

Ladies and gents, I have some pretty big news to share. I thought this news might best be announced alongside one of my favorite linkies... The Sunday Scoop!

Take a look at my scoop today... Do you see the big announcement??

That's right, people! I'm moving to a new grade level next year! It has been announced that I will be moving to **drum roll please** 

I am very excited. I adore Kindergarten, but I am the type of person who embraces and sometimes even craves change, so I am excited for this new challenge. I normally teach the second grade age group at the community theater I work for and I already know I LOVE that age range. They are still cute and cuddly but are much more independent. I am excited.

If you teach second and have a blog, Pinterest board, or TpT store I need to know about or follow, sound off in the comments! I'd love to start getting my head together for next year!

AND, don't forget that there's a giveaway going on in my previous post! Don't you love Jungle Learners' product swaps?? Click the button below to go to my post to enter AND make sure you scroll all the way down and click through the other giveaways! There's a LOT this time!!!