February 24, 2015

A Super Sale AND a Super Giveaway!!!

Hey there readers! By now, I hope you know about and are prepared for the huge sale tomorrow on Teachers Pay Teachers! My store will be 20% off during the sale and if you use the promo code HEROES at the end of the sale you get an additional 10% off! I have my cart stocked and ready to go and I'll probably grab more tomorrow... you know how sales are...

The theme of the sale is Teachers are Heroes and I LOVE it! Because I'm already such a superhero fan, it is really nice to be thought of as the superhero, am I right?! Thank you, Teachers Pay Teachers, for recognizing and supporting the teachers of the world.

I recently did a big makeover of three of my products, so to celebrate the superheroes out there and to get us pumped about the sale for tomorrow... I am giving one of each of them away!!! And one just HAPPENS to be a superhero writing pack! Woooo!!!

From THIS...

to THIS!!!

My Superhero Creative Writing pack is the number one best seller in my store and I thought it deserved a little bit of love. <3

From THIS 9 page pack...

to THIS 18 page pack!

This is one my favorite items in my store that I love to use in my classroom. I had made a few more options and some new graphics and I just LOVE how they turned out. The best part... my students love how they turned out too. I did not raise the price on this one cent, so for the same price you get double the badge options! Yippee!

From THIS...

to THIS!

Now this cover didn't change so much, but believe me when I say the new graphics I was able to add thanks to Whimsy Workshop and Creative Clips makes a WORLD of difference on these I Can Posters.

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