February 19, 2015

When You Know You're in the Right Place...

Just when you think it can't get worse... I mean, let me paint a picture for you. I have a feeling this is a picture all teachers are familiar with...

You are weeks behind on giving a quiz.
You are thus weeks behind putting in those really important quiz scores.
That stomach bug is going around and you don't have your whole class in attendance for who knows how long.
It's freaking cold. Which means... playground ain't happening (Thank you GoNoodle. I love you) and you have car duty. Yes, I live in Florida, but play along...
You're so worried about a student that it keeps you awake at night.
You're only 3 days into that 10 day antibiotic that makes you want to throw up.
You have a formal observation next week.
You're classroom is a TOTAL train wreck. Where is literally EVERYTHING you need???
Student A is throwing a tantrum while Student B is eating something that is definitely not food and Student C is asking for her fourth band-aid.
You have stayed late in your classroom everyday this week and have nothing to show for it.
You cried last night because the pile of responsibilities is so heavy on your shoulders, you actually feel physical discomfort...

But Little Suzie said, "I love you" 14 times today and yes, you counted.
Little Johnny finished a timed test today, for the first time after 7 timed tests, and he got a lot of those answers right. And yes, you were finally able to actually give that quiz you were behind on...
The child you worry yourself sick over danced today. And he was genuinely smiling.
It finally clicked with your lowest student today and you saw that sparkle in her eyes.
Your teacher table only got piled up with junk once today and that one student that can't sit still cleaned it up for you... without being asked to.
And even though you stayed late in your classroom for the 3rd day in a row, you came home feeling triumphant.

It takes a lot to bring you down, but you know you are in the right place when the little things bring you right back up to the top.

Happy Friday-eve, teachers.