February 23, 2015

Movie Clip Monday! Animals!

Hey ya'll! This week we are beginning our Science unit...... ANIMALS! I am so excited! This is such a fun unit to teach and of course, I've been searching for the perfect short video clips to help me. Instead of just finding a clip here and there, I found a whole YouTube channel series that is awesome for animal clips for my little kiddos!

The channel is called Brown Bag Films and they have a series of videos called "I'm a..." and they are short cartoon video clips about a specific animal. And they are packed with quick facts and are very funny. I am a fan! Here's one we are watching this week on penguins and I added another of the hyena because I just thought it was hilarious. Check out their other stuff, too!

I'm a Penguin

I'm a Hyena

Check out the other video clips teachers are using by clicking the image below. It will take you to Techie Turtle Teacher who hosts this fun linky!


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