January 25, 2014

The Ball

The cutest thing happened yesterday at the playground!

As we supervised our kiddos, my supervising teacher and I were chatting by the picnic tables when I noticed two of my most rowdy students were dancing together by the slide. Not your regular dancing, mind you. They were ball room dancing. The boy was twirling the girl around and they were moving around the playground gracefully. It was a shocker to say the least and SO ADORABLE. They danced for quite and while and then like any other day in Kindergarten, the girl tackled the boy to the ground. Later, my supervising teacher asked the little girl where she learned to dance. She blushed and said that her daddy dances with her like that and she was teaching the boy how to. <3

After a little while, the little boy decided he didn't want to dance anymore and went away. So the little girl found another boy to dance with. This boy had absolutely no interest in learning to dance. He was busy pretending one of the big playground toys was a car. I watched as the little girl pulled him and tried to drag him away from it to dance and finally she said, "You can drive the coach after the ball." It took every once of my being not to laugh. That poor boy put up with her but he just didn't like dancing. :)