January 18, 2014

Snowman Writing

I decided to make this a separate post because it just needed it's own little space. I already posted about the awesomeness of my first week back in Kindergarten, but one activity we did I was so in love with and proud of the students' work, I had to share it in more detail.

For literacy centers this week, my supervising teacher and I switched running different centers. One day I did guided reading, the next I did the writing center. I think it is so great that these kids get two teachers helping them with centers.

The one I am sharing is the writing center. I was crazy about it! Basically, my supervising teacher has these little snowman magnet dolls (similar to paper dolls but made out of magnets). The students dressed up their snowman, drew their snowman, and wrote a story about their snowman. We made sure they had an introduction sentence, two details, and an ending.

Here are the pieces:

So fun.
Here's one I built so you can see the adorableness:

The cute shopping bag says, "Flakey's." Get it? So cute...

And here are the student's writing with translations. They are SO GOOD! These kinders have great writing. I was so impressed. The pictures are crooked so their names are cut out.

Translation: "My snowman's name is Mary. When she is cold I give her a hat and when she is cold I give her a scarf and when she is cold I give her mittens to her. Then she is not cold."

"My snowman's name is Snowea. One time Snowea went to the mall and then she went to the park. She had a good day."

This little one wants to write "a's" like the computer...
"Max is a snowman. Max likes his bird. He plays hockey. Tomorrow he will play with his bird."

I love these! They are definitely going in their Kindergarten books. So proud of these babies!