January 21, 2014

So Many HATS!

I finally took some pictures! Last week in my Dr. Seuss class, we made Cat in the Hat hats. I was losing my mind and couldn't find the packs of red and white paper that my boss got for me and used what I could find. Honestly, I think they came out better this way... (Fortunately, my boss thinks so, too...)

I gave each child a long paper and some strips of their color choices. They arranged them and glued them.

The look horribly messy in this photo, but we stapled them into a cylinder and I had to tape a few odd ends in here and there on the ones that didn't get the proper glue technique... I mean.. they're 4 years old. It's bound to happen.

I cut out a circle and cut a little circle inside with tabs to tape to the inside of the cylinder to attach. 

One complete hat!

Several COLORFUL Cat in the Hat hats!

So today proved how flexible a teacher has to be. Even though it was my own mishap by not being aware of where the paper was (I'm going to be completely honest... it was RIGHT in front of my eyes and I didn't see it. It's happened to us all, right?.... Right?!). I found what I could get my hands on and they turned out so great and the kids totally loved them. I encourage you to take some time and read The Cat and the Hat and make your own hats!