January 15, 2014

Dr. Seuss Fun!

I just realized I never posted about my Dr. Seuss kiddos! This week I began teaching my Dr. Seuss themed theater class at the community theater in my town. It was definitely an experience...

The class is for ages 4-7 and typically the classes I get for that age range I usually have an abundance of 6 or 7 year old girls. This time around, over half the class are boys, and of those boys 8 of them are only 4 years old. Wow! Definitely a hand full, I'll tell ya! I may have to tweak some of my lessons to keep these boys engaged...

I was losing my mind so much the first day that I did not take any pictures of their hats! We made Cat in the Hat hats on Monday and they turned out so cute! I decided to use colored paper because 1) That was all I had handy and 2) They all turned out different and beautiful! I promise to take pictures ASAP.

Next week we will be playing an awesome game with hats which is always a hit with the little ones. I'll be reading the old Dr. Seuss classic The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. Of course, they'll be wearing their awesome hats they made! After that I will have a trunk of hats for them to choose from. Students are given a hat (usually I let them pick their hat, but with the abundance of 4 year olds I have, I have a feeling that may not go well...) and they walk out center stage with their hat and tell us their character's name. For older ages I typically ask them questions to get them to create a character spur of the moment to get them accustomed to improvisation. But again, with the little babies, we'll just stick with the basics: hat wearing and names. :)

The week following, we'll be playing a "human board game" with cards I created. I LOVED making this game. I made it specifically for my rowdy group, however I adapted it for a general classroom use as well and put it on my TpT store. It can be used like I'm using it (taped out large "board game" on the floor and the kids are their own pieces) or can be used as a small group board game. And don't worry, I provided a game board. ;)

Here are some of the cards. I'm seriously in love with them.

As you can see, there are categories and they are all Dr. Seuss-y!

Here's the link to the whole packet and there's a preview file you can download with images of the game board, too. Each category has 6 cards, making a total of 30 cards. I'll post pictures of the game in action in a couple of weeks when we play it out. I'm telling you, if the 4 year olds can do it... anyone can. And gosh, they are cute (the kids and the cards... ) :)