January 18, 2014

What a Week!

I have to apologize for my blog absence. I have been asked a few times when I'm going to post about how AWESOME my first week in my internship class has been. Well, I've been busy to say the least! Once I get used to this busy schedule I will post more frequently, I swear. I did, however, post a couple of new products on my TpT store, one of which is FREE, so check it out HERE.

So this week was a great one! I was so happy to see these babies again and they were excited, too! That made me even happier! To see that they missed me and that they were excited to have me back made me warm and fuzzy inside.

Found this on another blog and I have been keeping it in mind all week. This will be my mantra for the semester, for sure. :)

A lot of this week was observing and just getting my act together. I brought my awesome binder with my beautiful cover page that I'm in love with (check it out HERE) and jotted down tons of notes and ideas for my semester with these cuties. My supervising teacher and I figured out my plan of action as well which was tedious. For the program I am in I pick up teaching one subject and then gradually pick up more subjects until I am the teacher and my supervising teacher is the para. That's good for more than one reason: 1) I don't feel overwhelmed in the beginning; 2) The kids don't get confused and overwhelmed; 3) My supervising teacher can guide me one small piece at a time until I am as awesome as her. <3

We decided that I am picking up Math first. I found out, much to my surprise, that I really enjoy teaching Math! Granted, I am in Kindergarten, so the content area is much easier than say 4th grade... but I like teaching the kiddos about numbers, so Math is up first. Math is also later in the day than the other subjects, so this gives me time during their Specials and playground time to prepare myself and make any adjustments that my supervising teacher or myself deem necessary.

I have a plan and I am SO SO SO excited. This is a 3-day weekend so I am going to start my planning for my first week of teaching Kindergarten Math. We are working on the teen numbers this week and we will start working on 20 and beyond the following week. They also will be reviewing addition and subtraction. I will definitely have some things to post on my TpT store in the following couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled! Follow me HERE so you will be notified when I post some new stuff!