January 3, 2014

2014 New Year Day Three: Fitness

Ah, yes. The New Year's Resolution I make every year and fail by February...

Last year I did pretty well, though, in all actuality. Ryan proposed in February of last year and we decided on a 6 month engagement. So in 6 months, I lost 30 pounds. I wish I had looked a little bit more fit, but I really did feel great in that gown and on the cruise, so I can't complain. However, I was in a car accident in September, a mere month after the wedding and it did a number on my back. It really effected my gym routine.... which wasn't really that much of a routine anyway... but I digress.

I can use the car accident as an excuse for my failure at the gym all day everyday... but I cannot make any excuses for my complete and utterly disgusting feasting upon fast food... like everyday. It got BAD.

As cliche as it is to make losing weight a goal of 2014, it MUST be done. Little back story here: in 2009 I decided to go on a fitness rampage. I was already pretty thin but was out of shape and a little pudgy. I didn't lose much weight but I did lose a LOT of fat percentage and was very lean. And then my now-husband-then-boyfriend had major heart surgery, we went through a depression and since he was on medical leave from his job, I worked a heck of a lot more... Eating right and exercising was not a priority anymore. I have tried to get back into it countless times and have discovered that it is just so much easier to be chubby. But I feel gross and lack energy so I must do this.

These are my actual goals for fitness:

This was previously difficult for me as I was in my first (part-time) internship and working my job in computer repair and planning a wedding and teaching at the community theater... I mean, seriously! It wasn't happening. In good ole 2014, I will be in my full time internship Monday through Friday with weekends off! Now this may sound like the norm and not something to get excited about, but after working for years in retail and computer repair at a retail location AND going to school, I am ready for a "normal" schedule. Monday through Friday is the goal, right after my day at school. I plan on taking my bag with me and having it ready in my car packed with a snack, gym clothes, sneakers, water, iPod, socks, and my little gloves (don't judge me, I hate those callouses...).

Thinking back to my "fit" days, I was addicted to keeping track. I had every app available at the time for tracking my exercises, calories eaten and calories burned, and the duration of every workout. I was pretty obsessed. While I don't want this to become an unhealthy obsession like it once was, I am better at holding myself accountable when I track everything. I downloaded a few apps that I'm exploring to figure out which one I want to use. I also made an account on a site called Earndit. I have no idea how to use it yet, but I'll figure it out.

Speaking of unhealthy obsessions........... I have a problem with fast food. My husband does as well. It's just shameful how often we eat out and what we order when we get there. Taco Bell specifically has become nothing short of an addiction. The sad part is, is that I truly enjoy cooking! I am pretty awful at it, but I like to learn new things in the kitchen. I discovered a site called Pepperplate last year and it is a wonderful tool that I have on my computers, phones, and iPad to add and organize recipes I find. I typically find my recipes online via other bloggers. I LOVE Emily Bites and LaaLoosh (check them out ASAP!) and I add their recipes to that app weekly.

I currently weigh a WHOPPING 165. That's pretty heavy for my petite 5'2".... My current pant size is a 13 (or a 12 depending on the brand). My current bra size is 36DD or 38DD.

Goal Weight: 135
Goal Pant Size: 10
Goal Bra Size: 34D or 36D

I have discovered that a LOT of people I know are very negative, especially about weight loss and fitness. I have also recently discovered that the people I know who are supportive of weight loss and fitness are REALLY supportive. That is a quality I need in a friend because those are the people who motivate me and inspire me to be better and most importantly, those are the people who hold me accountable. Adversely, I want to be the friend who is supportive. I want to be the obnoxious Facebook commentator on everyone's successes and failures to help motivate them. We're all in this together!

There it is... all laid out. I can't lie and say I'm not intimidated. The beginning is the hardest part, I know. Unfortunately for me... I'm at the beginning. But it is a goal that must be met.