January 9, 2014

Last Day and a Weekend Away

Hello blog lovers! Today was my last day at my job in computer repair in preparation for my final internship. I just won't have time for both!

A couple of my co-workers got me a cake! And it was pink! Working in computer repair, I have pretty much always been the only girl, or one of two, at the work place, so I was impressed with the cake choice by my male co workers.

The guys cut into it (quite sloppily I might add...) before I remembered to take a picture... but at one point it said, "We'll miss you, Amanda!" Awwwwww.

This weekend I will be away visiting family in Washington DC and hopefully seeing snow for the first time! I will definitely be taking pictures, but I will be away from the blog for a couple of days. However, we will all have a great post to look forward to on Monday since it's the first day of my internship AND the first day of teaching my Dr. Seuss theater class. Can't wait!!!

Have a great weekend!