January 14, 2014

Recognition All Around!

I am a big fan of student recognition that the whole class can participate in. What I mean by that is that I want a student to be congratulated by his/her peers or other faculty members for their accomplishments. I want them to feel special all day long and I want that feeling of success to motivate them to continue working hard and meeting their goals.

For this, I created these little labels. I created them for an Avery label template that can be stuck onto the student's shirt to wear all day long. This is also great because the sticker can then be taken home and parents can see that they were recognized all day for their behavior/work/achievement etc.

The "labels" can also be used on a lanyard if printing is an issue. The label template I chose is the size or close to the size for a standard plastic tag holder for a lanyard. These can be re-used all year round! That will definitely save on printing.

Here are some of them! There are 6 designs total. I LOVE how they turned out.

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