November 29, 2014

2+1 Wishlists!

I am so excited for the sale on Monday and Tuesday! Probably more excited than I should be... but I can finally get my wishlist items for a LOT less money out of my pocket! And that brings me to wishlists! I found a great linky over at Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans. So many of you have a couple of the products in my store wishlisted. Now's the time, people! Snag 'em while they're cheap!!!

So, here's how this works. I post and discuss the 2 most wishlisted items in my store. Then I post and discuss one of the items in MY OWN wishlist! Here we go!

The number one most wishlisted item in my store is.... DRUMROLL PLEASE...

Not only is this the most wishlisted item in my store, but it is my number 1 best seller AND Kelly over at Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten recently did a product swap with me and reviewed this bundle! If you'd like to see it in use, here's the link to her post about it: Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten.

This pack is a little unusual for me, as right now I currently teach kindergarten. However, I made this bundle as I was teaching a theater class with a superhero theme and we did a LOT of writing and character development. I took the resources I made and adapted them for a general classroom's use. If you are one of the many who have it on their wishlist, it will be 20% off on Monday and Tuesday and combined with the TPTCYBER coupon code at the end... should make for a pretty sweet deal!

And the number two most wishlisted item in my store is my FAVORITE THING EVER:

I have become pretty much obsessed with pirates this year. Not sure why, but I ran with it. This bundle has everything I have created for my OWN classroom. The items in this bundle are seriously kid tested and teacher approved. There are real photos of final products and step by step instructions on how to make some pretty sweet classroom setups. I know it is late in the year for classroom decor packs, but if you have this on your wishlist, it will be VERY inexpensive on Monday and Tuesday.

Here are some previous blog posts of me setting up my classroom with the use of the items in this bundle. The preview on TpT also has a lot of images to check out before buying.

And now, something on MY wishlist!

This pack is made by United Teaching and I used her worksheets in October for Halloween and my kids LOVED them! I use these no-prep sheets for morning work and there's enough variety in them to keep the kids excited to get their morning work done. As simple as these are, they were a life saver in October and since I didn't buy the November/Thanksgiving pack, my kids will be excited to see these again in the winter. Also, can you say CUTE?!

So there ya have it, folks! Can you tell I'm excited for this sale??


What's on YOUR wishlist?

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