November 4, 2014

Daisy Designs Birthday Party DAY TWO!

Wow! Yesterday was exhilarating! Thank you everyone for the warm and kind birthday wishes and all the fun. I spent the day with my kinders who brought me home made cards and some flowers for my desk. And one little girl gave me the yo-yo out of her pocket. I loved every minute of it. I spent the evening being treated by the hubby at dinner. He also went to buy me a new journal and knew my favorite kind (he's good like that) and found that they are going to stop making them... which means that they were all on MEGA MARK DOWN for only $1 each! Being the amazing hubby he is... he bought me all they had. So I am now the proud owner of 24 notebooks/journals, 2 binders, and the new NPH autobiography (which is hilarious and awesome by the way).


BUT, my birthday did not end with yesterday's setting sun. No way. It's a birthday WEEK celebration! On to DAY TWO!

If you've been eyeing the new word wall packs, now's the time to snag two of them for only $1 each!

Regularly priced: $4
Tuesday, November 4: $1

Regularly priced: $3
Tuesday, November 4: $1

Regularly priced: $3

And don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already. :)

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