November 8, 2014

Product Swap with the SUPER Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten!

I know what you are thinking... Amanda! Another giveaway?! But stick with me here, it is SO worth it!

I had the amazing opportunity to link up with Jungle Learners product swap and Kelly over at Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten and I swapped products to use and review. The most fun about this was, we both like superheroes! So we decided to swap our superhero products for our classes! And good news, everyone! Kelly will have her product on sale AND I'll be giving one away at the end of this post! Make sure you enter!!! I loved looking through her store! I had so many ideas and a smile on my face thinking about my class of kinders using her materials. Click the button below to check out Kelly's blog!

Make sure you check out her blog this weekend! She is reviewing and GIVING AWAY a copy of my Superhero Creative Writing Bundle! My bundle will also be on sale this weekend, so snag a copy soon! I know a lot of you have it wishlisted right now!

I chose her Super Sight Words Pack and I loved the versatility of it. I was able to use a lot of the print out for morning work AND centers. Click the picture below to go check out the product in her store (and don't forget, it is on sale right now!).

I started with the "go" sight word sheet for morning work. It was our sight word for the week and I loved the different ways to practice the word. In her pack, there are sheets just like this for 50 words, so there is plenty of practice for your kiddos.

I HAD to include a shot of this kid's "go" sheet. Doesn't have a name on it, so I'm not 100% sure who it belongs to, but I LOVE that it says in the sentence starter section, "I go pote," which translates to "I go potty." On second thought, I'm pretty sure I know which student this is. Regardless, this is a shot of one of the sheets included in the pack and again, there are 50 included!

I then moved on to the sentence sheets. This was kind of hard for some of my students, which I expected, so I used it with some of my higher students in a guided center. They loved it!

(I love the one above! "I can see the Mason." Mason is his best friend... Lol!)

And now... for the class favorite....... the Super Spin and Write! I don't know about your kiddos, but mine LOVE to play games with paper clip spinners! And they are so easy for me to provide to them! I knew when I saw that these were included in the Super Sight Words Pack that Kelly made, I HAD to have them! I used them as a center during our ELA block.

If you've never done the pencil/paper clip spinners before, here's a picture of how it works! Put the pencil in the paperclip and spin! EASY MODE! In this print out, students spin and then write the word they landed on in the space provided. Kelly also provides a Super Spin and Color where you spin, land on a word, and color the picture with the word on it. 

This specific kiddo really liked it! LOOK AT THAT FACE!

As mentioned earlier, Kelly's Super Sight Words are on sale this weekend! But if you'd like a chance to win it, enter below!

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And if you STILL haven't entered the giveaway for my birthday it ends TONIGHT (Saturday) at 11:59pm EST, so you might have a little time left! Hurry!

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