March 8, 2014

Weather Mobiles

A little while back I included in one of my Five for Friday posts about a Weather Mobile my little munchkins made. I have had several people ask for the templates and so I decided to jazz it all up and bit and post it on my TpT store. Link incoming!!!

Here's the original blog post with real life pictures and info on the experience: Five for Friday Feb. 15.

Here's a link to the download! Daisy Designs.

And here's some pictures! Clicking the pictures will also take you to the download. Enjoy!

Here's one of the printable templates. There's one for every piece, including a printable version on the snowflake. In my image, we used a coffee filter which is also listed in the download as a variation.

Final product! So much fun and our class looks so sweet all decorated with them hanging from the ceiling. <3