March 22, 2014

Scenes and Skits

Hello all!

As you know if you've kept up with my blog, I not only work in a Kindergarten classroom, but I have been a theater instructor for about 10 years now. I have taught at modeling and acting agencies in central Florida as well as various community theaters and dance studios. I LOVE this part of my life. I was always involved in theater at a young age. My mother worked as the Music Director at one of the biggest community theaters in the southeast so I basically grew up there! It has helped me come out of my once shy shell and gain confidence. It has also led me to my passion in education.

I currently work in the Education Department at the Ocala Civic Theater. Click their logo above to see what we are up to!

The downside to children's theater is when you have a class of a set number of children it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find scripts of scenes, skits, monologues, or entire plays to fit the class you have. Now if you are doing a play and you can audition children and pick kids from a pool of auditions, that's entirely different. More often than not, you have a set number of boys and girls ranging in age and skills.

I normally wind up writing my own material. I have a plethora of scripts ranging in length from half page monologues to six page skits. I also won a play writing competition in my Junior year of high school and still have that play laying around somewhere.

I recently taught a class called "Loud and Proud" all about vocal techniques, projection, diction, rate, and memorization of lines. I decided I wanted scenes... but they were ages 4 to 7, I had 9 of them, 6 girls, and 3 boys. I didn't even bother trying to find a script. Most of them couldn't read anyway...

I went with a gender neutral theme that is always popular with the kiddos: Under the Sea. I wrote 4 total scenes, but only wound up using 3.

Parents were asking me about the scripts and I told them that I wrote them. They loved them, so I decided to share them with the world! Here's my newest product:

Click the images to go to the download.

These skits really were a lot of fun and all the kids really liked them. The vocabulary was easy to understand even for the 4 year olds and they were entertaining for the other kids to watch their peers perform and practice. I typically have young students repeat lines after me in the beginning if they struggle reading, but for older students who are good readers, this can be used as a reader's theater center in the general classroom. I plan on trying it out on my top readers in guided reading in my Kindergarten class and will get back to you on that!

Let me know how you like these little skits! I love and appreciate all comments and feedback. :)