March 18, 2014

Shapes Shapes Shapes

In the midst of the St. Patrick's Day chaos and the fact that this is the last week before Spring Break, I have to somehow teach these unfocused munchkins about shapes. What a chore!

Joking aside, we have been doing a lot of cool things with our unit on shapes. We are finishing up 2D shapes this week and when we get back to school from Spring Break, we will begin our adventure into 3D shapes!

For this unit, I created some centers that I decided to include in a 2D and 3D shape bundle for my TpT store. I really love how the activities turned out and how well they worked as centers in my math block.
Click HERE to see it or either of the pictures below.

I feel like a fool, though. I had the kids do all these awesome activities and I didn't get a good picture at all! I was so caught up in working with them and having fun with our shapes that I didn't pick up the camera. Maybe I'll do some review centers at the end of the week and sneak a few pictures in. Sorry, readers! But enjoy the Shape bundle!