September 13, 2015

What's the Scoop?

Yesterday FLEW by, ya'll. Don't you hate when your weekend days just fly by like they didn't happen?? Phew! Another busy week ahead and I'm telling ya, I just want to lay around today. Can't do it though! I have a LOT to do and here's the scoop:


I am not happy that I have another week of soft/liquid foods after this oral surgery. Two weeks!!! That's just too long! On the bright side, I've lost 4 pounds... But I really need to blend up my lunches for the next couple of days. My Ninja blender is too loud to do in the morning.

I REALLY hope I have the time today to work on a couple of projects for my TpT store, one possibly being a freebie (more on that later...)! If you haven't seen, my Kindergarten Reading Wonders packs are now bundled together. They are quickly becoming some of my best selling packs on TpT and I'm so excited to get them finished. I bundled them together before I have completed Unit 4. The good news is that the bundle is a growing bundle, meaning it's cheaper right now than it will be when it is fully completed. I really would like to finish up Unit 4 today (probably won't happen but if I work SUPER hard, maybe...) and add it. So if you are on the fence about purchasing the bundle, NOW is the time before the price goes up. If you purchase it before Unit 4 is added, don't worry, you will get the updated product free of charge when the unit is added. This goes for Unit 10 as well which will be posted in February.

Click the image below to check it out now. It has all the links to the products included which are individually $20.

I also really hope I can get some reading in today! I am reading Ken Follett's World Without End at the moment and it is soooooo good. It is the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth which was AMAZING. 

These books have been out for a while, but I just recently discovered them. He also has written a newer series which I can't wait to get my hands on. Have you read these books? I LOVE them! 

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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