September 27, 2015

Sunday Scoop - September 27th

Before I begin... Happy birthday to my sister-in-law Autumn! <3 Here's a throw back picture to celebrate: (hopefully she doesn't read my blog a lot or she'd kill me for this...)

I was probably 21 ish in this picture which would make her a teeny tiny 15 ish. :P

Now onto The Sunday Scoop!

As mentioned in my last Sunday Scoop post, my Kindergarten Wonders packs are all bundled together with the exception of a couple of missing units. Unit 4 is up next to add and I promised it would be done by the end of September. I still have a few days left to keep my timeline going... but let's be real here... not a lot gets done after school in my exhausted state (am I right, teachers?), so I'm going to try to finish up today. NO... I HAVE to finish up today. One less thing to worry about this week! Other than that, the gym and the seriously never-ending laundry pile are on my to-do list today.

 Unit 4 INCOMING!!!

My best friend was feeling under the weather this week and she texted me yesterday that she got all her homework done (my friends get really big degrees and stuff... I'll stay over here and play with the 7-year-olds for now). I'm hoping I get everything I need to do DONE so she can come over and we can have some friend time. I'm missing the summer days! But in the mean time, I'll be working on lesson plans for the week and binge watch Gilmore Girls at the same time. Anyone else do that?

Speaking of lesson plans, I'm excited to plan for the Wednesday Science Day!!! I don't know about your school/county, but in our district on Early Release Days, we do Science ALL DAY LONG. The kids love it, I love it, and it gives us the time necessary to really delve deep into hands-on experiments that we don't normally have the time for. We are working on the human body right now and I have a lot of ideas colliding in my brain. Can't wait till Wednesday!!! 

I also have a Human Body Unit in the works to post to TpT and will be finalizing it in the coming weeks to share. I am loving the results so far and I think you will, too.

Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!