October 10, 2015

Oh Blog

Wow, ya'll. Life has REALLY gotten in the way of blogging and Teachers Pay Teachers lately! This week was the dreaded "I don't have a second to breathe" week, so I am STOKED that it is finally the weekend! So happy to be here blogging and reading the posts I'm so behind on (with my pumpkin spice coffee, of course).

First off, it's a new Currently and I'm only 10 days behind schedule! :P Thanks, Farley, as always for the awesome linky!

LISTENING: Living in Florida means lots of rain, people. Even in October.

LOVING: As mentioned before, this week was crazy-talk. I am SO happy it is the weekend!

THINKING: My blog needs more love and I think I can finally give it the attention it deserves each week after the craziness that was September.

WANTING: Every now and then I play video games with my husband on his live stream (twitch.tv/brutallstatic) and talk to viewers and just have a lot of fun. I did that last night and now I want to play some more! It is addicting!

NEEDING: Did I mention it is raining? Yeah, that means I breathe funny. Need to take some allergy medicine but it just makes me so darn sleepy!

BOO-TIFUL: Any time I play online on my husband's live stream, he always broadcasts that I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. It sure does make me feel like I am!

While I'm here, let me take the moment or two to tell you that I am feeling INSANELY motivated today (and I hope it sticks with me). In my county every grade level at every school has an appointed STEM lead that goes to trainings and inservices to bring back valuable information to the team and lots of resources and teaching strategies. I had one of these all-day collaborative planning days with the STEM leads for Second Grade yesterday and I learned SO MUCH. I was a little overwhelmed but after sleeping on the info and looking over everything this morning, I am so excited to get the next Math unit up and running.

If you have some great Math center ideas or hands-on Math ideas, link them in the comments or share the pins with me on Pinterest! I have a couple of boards that I have Math ideas in (one is general and has a lot of Kinder ideas in it from last year... and the others are general second grade and printables). Check them out below! I'll be pinning like a maniac this weekend I think.

Follow Amanda Smith @ Daisy Designs's board Math on Pinterest. Follow Amanda Smith @ Daisy Designs's board Second Grade on Pinterest. Follow Amanda Smith @ Daisy Designs's board Printables on Pinterest.