September 10, 2015

Back in the Swing of Things

Well, we are a few weeks into school where I am (Central Florida) and boy, am I tired! I saw a hilariously true thread of comments on a post somewhere about "You know you're a teacher when..." and they were all related to back to school. For real, though, you know you're a teacher when you wish bed time was 6pm (and sometimes it really is...).

I'm pretty sure everyone is back to school now, being it's after Labor Day. When did you start school this year? We started August 17th!

But let's get to it: the back to school CURRENTLY!

Had a dental procedure last week and it's one of those ones that takes freaking FOREVER to heal... so I'll be on a soft foods/starving myself diet till the 18th... I also have dragon breath. It's not pretty.

Moving on...

This is my first year in Second Grade and so far... I am LOVING IT SO MUCH. My class is fabulous (and crazy small... only 15 kids?!). They are so enthusiastic to learn and excited to be there. We were doing a close read the other day and coloring the sentences where we found text evidence and a student seriously just yelled out, "This is so cool!" What?! Is this real life?!

Here are a few pictures of our first few days and more to come later!

Gotta love it! This is out "stuck" board. It's an exit ticket on Fridays with something that stuck with them. The plan is to find out more about what interests the students, make sure they learned something valuable, and that there aren't any misconceptions on a topic they learned about. It also helps me find out more about what my students respond to (what types of lessons, activities, etc.). On the first week we went to the library, this student was so excited to get a book! 

I put polka dot tape on their desks for a quick math game and you'd think they won the lottery!

I asked them what they WANTED to learn in 2nd grade and these were the answers I got. I told them I wouldn't delete this picture from my phone so that I could make sure they get to learn some of this. Luckily, a lot of it is actually stuff they WILL learn! Lucky me!

Stay tuned for more fun photos of Back to School!!!

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