April 16, 2014

Kindergarten Skills 1 & 2

I have been working on a pretty big project the past few weeks... I just didn't tell anyone yet! ;)

I am working on a series of products (some free and some not) called Kindergarten Skills. These are things I run into on a daily basis: tracing, cutting, gluing, solving puzzles, putting pieces together, following step-by-step directions, etc. Even this late into the year, I occasionally run into problems!

Well, this is a pretty big series as you can probably imagine and I plan on having it all done before the beginning of next school year... but I am here to tell you that today... Parts 1 and 2 ARE DONE!

And here they are... drum roll please!

 Kindergarten Skills 1:

These can be used so many ways. Start off small and just give a student the four pieces to one puzzle. Then start giving them more and more pieces until they are figuring out each individual puzzle all together! They look great, the colors are so bright and fun, and there are 36 of them! I recommend printing them on cardstock and laminating them.

Kindergarten Skills 2:

And this is a matching game! Print out all the cards and match the whole picture to the card with the zoomed in portion. The black and white version is much more difficult to perform so it is something the students can grow with or can be used in differentiation. These are also good to laminate. ;)

Click any of the pictures to go to the link or check out my entire store HERE!

Keep your eyes peeled for more in the Kindergarten Skills series, especially over this summer!