April 18, 2014

Five for [Good] Friday! April 18

Don't worry everyone! I'm gonna make it today! I'm finally going to get my Five for Friday done! Hehe. I'm not sure it really counts though... I'm off from school today...

Here we go!

This is one of the activities we did for maps last week. I've seen this done many times and it was a great activity. The one on the left was made by one of my students who is VERY particular about his projects' appearance, so his naturally looks very clean. The one on the right was created by a child who is the complete opposite, but it still looks great. I wanted to show both ends of the spectrum here in case you decide to tackle this project in your own classroom. Don't expect them all to look like the one on the left.

Here's one of the pages! I decided to pre-cut the circles to save time and pre-print and cut the maps on each page. The only pages I left blank and up to them was their house and their town. I let them decide what to put on the page for their town. We have a HUGE horse community in this town, so a lot of students drew roads and horses. :)

Easter is this Sunday! So we have had a lot of Spring time activities and Easter bunny stuff going on. Of course, in the public schools they are all "Spring Time" not "Easter." 

Anyway, we totally did an egg hunt...

And this was just for OUR class! There are 4 other kindergarten classes!

We had students create their own baskets to collect the eggs and decided to combine it with the upcoming Earth Day by having them make them at home with recycled materials. We had some pretty creative stuff!

We had braided grocery bags (upper left)!
We had milk jugs and shredded paper (upper right and bottom left)!
We had yellow milk jugs and styrofoam pieces (bottom right)!
They came up with some great stuff! I realize parents probably did most of the work, but still! 

These were fun and turned out so nice! We made them for gifts for parents this week. After they dried, we hot glued a pin to the back and pinned them to little cards they made. I didn't get a picture of the cards, though... sorry!

I know this is blurry because the credits were rolling fast.... BUT...

I was in a film a few years back in my acting days and it won an award at a film festival last weekend! I went and saw it and was a little ashamed to say that it was the first time I was watching it. I don't really like to watch myself, so I never did. But I knew it was going to be at the film festival and I really wanted to go and support the director. It is with my maiden name (Amanda D'Amico) and I played Stephanie! It is 6 down from the top in that picture. :)

I didn't go to the other films due to my busy schedule, but John Travolta opened up with a kickoff speech and attended quite a few of the films himself, which I thought was pretty awesome!

Here's a picture of some of the cast and the director and writer. It is blurry for some reason, so I'm trying to find a better one... But having difficulty...

There I am in blue! It was a lot of fun and the film won the People's Choice Award which means it was basically everyone's favorite! Congratulations to Ben, the director. Here's a link to the website about the film: Catch of a Lifetime

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Thanks for reading and hopefully enjoying yourself on my blog! New posts coming soon!