April 10, 2014

Getting Ready For The Aquarium!

Tomorrow is our BIG field trip to the Florida Aquarium! I am SO excited! I have lived in Florida for a long long time and I have never been there. So this is just as exciting for me as it is for the kids.

Since we are going tomorrow and last week was National Week of the Ocean (great timing, I know), we needed something to replace our Weather Mobiles hanging in our class... but what... ?

We made CD Fishies! My supervising teacher saw this idea and I loved it. We did the CD Fishies in small groups while the others did outside centers since the weather is so gorgeous! We did a Play-Do center on the picnic tables, sidewalk chalk center, the sand table, and for the ones who needed some extra movement for their wiggles, we had hula hoops! 

But anyway, take a look at the CD Fishies project. I LOVE them.

We used craft foam sheets that we had leftover from another project which makes them much more durable and colorful. You could use other materials, though, such as card stock or construction paper which would make it a little less expensive.

2 CDs per student
Foam pieces cut like fins, tail fin, and a middle fin (pictured underneath the CDs on the table)
2 googly eyes per student
white glue
fishing line

Glue googly eyes onto the shiny sides of 2 CDs
Glue the fins as pictured on the non-shiny side of one CD
Glue the second CD on top of the first making the foam pieces glued in between the two CDs
Fold the middle fin and pull through the hole of the CDs.
Tie fishing line through and hang up!

I'll see you tomorrow for my very special Aquarium Five for Friday post! Have a great night!