July 25, 2016

Monday Made It! Back to School Decor!

I love Back to School season! Won't be joining in this year with the baby on the way (VERY soon!), but I still couldn't resist whipping up a calendar.

I simply used a black piece of poster board, velco, and the printed pieces from a DIY Calendar pack on TpT! It's pirate themed, of course. One of my favorites!

Ta-dah! The month and the numbers are attached with velcro so they are completely removable. I love the red on black! It really makes it stand out!

Click the image below to get your own pieces!

Next week for Monday Made It, I'm making these poof ball things out of coffee filters! I might even share a video of it! Super easy and WAY cheaper than buying the pre-made tissue paper ones that are not very durable. :)

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