July 6, 2016

Learning with Liam: Let's COUNT!

If you are just joining in Learning with Liam, Liam is my best friend's 3-year-old and I'm doing some babysitting this summer while she finishes up her internship for her Master's degree. It has been a blast so far! Check out last week's post HERE.

Little Liam proved this time that he likes to count! I had noticed before while playing together on the computer that he was very good at recognizing numbers, so I printed out some centers from a product in my TpT store. It's geared towards PreK and Kindergarten and while Liam isn't ready for the skip counting center, he did the counting games with ease! I was impressed! Take a look.

We were playing "Counting Sheep" and he wanted to line them all up nicely on their hill, he said. We weren't counting any specific number here. I let him explore them and play a bit to get used to the little pieces before we dove right in. 

This time, we grabbed a counting card. It said to count 2 sheep! And he did great!

Then we played with the numbered sheep and he put them in order. He could do it without assistance through number 5. After that, prompting was needed to help him find the next number. I was amazed at how well he did here considering he is only 3 years old!

This is one of the number puzzles I have. Since he had just proved to me that he could put his numbers in order with the numbered sheep, I printed this one out, too. He really liked seeing the picture completed at the end.

So proud of himself! Way to go little buddy!

We painted a bit like last week as well, but I forgot to take pictures! Bad blogger! We painted another mask that I grabbed for 75 cents at Joanne's. This time it was a crab mask! 

If you are looking for some counting games for your little nugget or your class of little nuggets, this pack is called "Counting Sheep." You can check out more of its contents by clicking on the image below!

Keep checking back for more Learning with Liam posts! Or follow me on Facebook to get updates on each new post. It is always awesome to spend these summer days learning and having fun. I think next time we'll go to the library!