July 3, 2016

Learning With Liam: Outside Fun and Painting!

This summer has so far been a blast, although it is completely flying by! I am babysitting my best friend's little guy once or twice a week this summer and it has added such a fun element to my summer. Liam is three years old and I've been trying to come up with some different activities we can do together. His little three year old mind blows me away with what he retains and he seems to really love learning games, especially those involving numbers (more on that in a future post).

Here's the first of a series of posts about our adventures this summer called "Learning with Liam."

Day 1: Name writing and mask painting!

Sidewalk chalk is a really fun way to have little people start writing their name! I also discovered this little guy is a lefty!

We started with uppercase letters because the straight lines in the letters of him name are easier to form than the curvy kind in the lowercase letters. 

M is tough! Loving his "A." <3 

Outside adventures are not complete without some scooter fun!

I grabbed these little wooden masks for 75 cents at Joanne's Fabric and the little pack of paint tubs for $1. He LOVED these. We painted a turtle and a lion on this day, but I went back to Joanne's and bought 3 more. 

We used Q-Tips instead of paint brushes, one because I forgot to buy brushes... and two, because these are cheap and disposable. They are also easy for little hands to hold. They are also great for fine motor because since they are short, they cannot be held in a fist, forcing him to figure out an easier way to hold it. 

Liam and I had a lot of fun painting and playing outside. Next week, come back and check out the games we played with numbers! This little guy LOVES numbers and counting!