July 12, 2015

Sunday Scoop on Mom's Birthday

Happy Sunday! And happy birthday Mom!!!

I'm here after a crazy busy two weeks of rehearsing for the summer musical at the Ocala Civic Theater. I was contracted this summer to direct and choreograph the show We Are Monsters and it was AWESOME! It was hands down the best cast of kids I've ever worked with. I could NOT believe they were as dedicated as they were. And even with the stomach bug that floated around, we had a fabulous run of shows and the kids were amazing. I am SO proud of them!

And now for a Sunday Scoop! Day OFF style!


Being so busy for the past two weeks means that chores have just NOT happened. At ALL.

Today is my mom's birthday and I had this plan on making something for her that I know she will love.  But with all the hubbub, it got started and never finished! I gotta finish today! She's actually really sick today with the stomach bug that was I referring to so we won't really be celebrating today so she can feel better first. But I still want the present to be done (photos will be posted, don't worry) so I can give it to her ASAP!

REST. HOLY COW DO I NEED TO REST. I am thoroughly exhausted from the run of this show and still have Into the Woods to help finalize (I choreographed this show). This whole rest thing bumped up to a NEED real quick today.


Finish creating a product that I've been working on. I've been dabbling on a product that I'm really excited about and I'd like to finish it today, but it is not a priority. Sleep is.

I am planning on going to work in my classroom sometime this week and unpack the stuff that is crammed in my closet. I moved classrooms and nothing is unpacked yet. I'd like to start printing and laminating some wall decorations today, but we will see.


I am going to the 10th anniversary of Motion City Soundtrack's "Commit This to Memory" album!!!!!! Any other MCS fans out there? Man, the nostalgia.... And it will be my bestie's first ever concert! (WHAT?!?!) I can't wait!

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