July 31, 2015

Five for Friday - Last Day of July!

Well, folks, I've been on a little bit of a blog hiatus. I took a step away to finish up a show at the community theater I work for, move my classroom (I'm moving out of the portable!), and to just try to wrap my head around back to school season. That being said, I figured today would be a GREAT day to start back up again with a Five for Friday!! Thanks for the linky, Doodle Bugs!

My husband and I usually try to do a weekly date night especially during the school year so we can actually spend time together. Our work schedules tend to be a bit weird together... Over the summer we did some cool stuff! We recently did a couple's painting class and as nerdy as that sounds... it was SUPER FUN. 

And now we have this really cool double painting thing to hang up! The place we went to is called Painting with a Twist. I think it's a franchise, so check it out. There might be one near you.

I mentioned a moment ago that I'm moving out of the tiny portable to a BIG classroom with a Smart Board! I am insanely excited about it, but I gotta tell you... moving a classroom is worse than moving your house... I swear. Yesterday I spend ALL DAY organizing my books and it's not even done! Here are a couple of very messy shots of some crafty things I've been up to to get this room up and running. When it's done (IF it EVER gets done...) I'll post some photos and I'll do a Periscope tour!

Ants for the "Word Picnic" word wall.

This was the beginning of my ABC Caterpillar when I cut the pieces out at home.

I put it up... but am SO upset about the glare on the laminating!!! I thought laminating it would be the best idea but the glare is HORRIBLE everywhere in the room from that row of ceiling lights. I really don't want to print them out again (that's a LOT of ink).... please someone tell me you have advice for me here...

I started with the proud wall. This classroom doesn't have wall space because of the cabinets, so I thought I'd jazz up the cabinets themselves. I'm not sure I love it yet, but I think when there's work actually hanging from them, it will look nicer.

I had to take a picture of the supplies. I got those little flowers at Tuesday Morning in my town and they were 99 cents for 8 little fabric flowers! What a steal!

I found a really neat linky over at The Tattooed Teacher and I am loving the posts people are writing! It's a get-to-know-you linky which is always super fun to do at the start of each year. I'm finding a lot of new blogs to read up! Here's my day 1, a little late... and I'll be doing more when they get posted at her blog!

Click any of the images to go to the linky! If you are a blogger, link up! It's a fun one. ;)

This summer at the Ocala Civic Theater where I work in the Education Department was a HUGE one for the kids. I directed and choreographed the kid's musical called We Are Monsters (more about that HERE), and I choreographed the BIG youth musical Into the Woods. There was a lot of excitement around this show because of the movie, but it has been around for a LONG time and it is immensely difficult. Music by Stephen Sondheim is no walk in the park, my friends. That being said, the teens in the show have worked their tails off and the show is absolutely stunning. I am so proud of them. I've known a lot of them since they were kiddos and their hard work for this show has blown my mind. Here are some beautiful pictures of them in their costumes. I'm telling you, the quality of this production exceeded my expectations and that of the audiences that have seen the show. This is the last weekend it's running and I will miss these guys until next summer!

And now to overwhelm you with photos from the show. I couldn't pick just one! But I saved you from posted all 9 million...

And now for some news I've been so excited to give, I can hardly contain myself! My blog is getting a HUGE makeover! I've been working with Blogs Fit for a Queen and I cannot wait till till it's done to show you! With that news, there **might** be a celebration surprise in the works for my readers when the blog makeover is complete!