July 20, 2015

Persicope Teachers!

Have you heard of Periscope, yet? I'm LOVING it. Like I don't have enough social networking sites to keep up with, right? But seriously, Periscope is taking the teacher world by STORM and it is addicting!

I did my first Periscope today, so if you stopped by, thanks! It was a LOT of fun. I was super nervous about it, but it was so cool to interact with the viewers (even though there were only 12 lol) and to show you all around my work space. Not only that, but Daisy made an appearance! ;)

Here's a little more info on Periscope and why I like it:

- It's an easy to navigate app for Apple and Android.
- I can watch LIVE videos of my favorite teacher bloggers
- Myself and others can interact with the person who is "scoping" with the chat feature
- When I do my own scope, I can answer questions that are being asked in my scope's chat
- I can SEE my favorite teacher bloggers
- I can SHOW you instead of just writing about something

It was a blast. If you do not already have Periscope, download it now for free and find me at DaisyDesignsTpT. You can watch the replay of my first scope if you missed it.