June 20, 2015

I'm Makeover Obsessed Sale

I think I've become a little Makeover Madness obsessed. I made over another couple of products entirely. Not just the cover page has been redone, but all the content inside has as well. I've decided that at this rate, my entire store may go on sale if I continue to update my products! I hope you like the changes and if you already own any product that has been updated, simply re-download for FREE to get the changes.

The original feel of the product posted over a year ago never quite felt right to me. I had each activity saved as a separate file and saved into a .zip file, which I hated. So with the update, I added better graphics and fonts and now all the activities are saved into one easily accessible file. Each section is divided by colorful instruction pages as well. Here are the instruction pages which give you an idea of the activities included. 

Here's is a blog post by Hanging Around in Primary, who reviewed this product and took lots of pictures: Hanging Around in Primary. (don't judge the old look! It's new and improved now!).
Click the image above to snag this item on sale!

This is one of my best sellers and a wonderful craftivity for your students. This is great for a lot of different grade levels. I used it with my kinders (post HERE... again, don't judge the old look!) and still plan on using it with my second graders next year but more adapted to fit our curriculum. It is on sale as well.

Here are the changes to expect:
Better graphics
Easier to read fonts
More variations of the mobile pieces to fit your needs
More ink-friendly printing options

Thanks for stopping by again! If you'd like to see a specific product in my store get a makeover, let me know in the comments below!

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