January 31, 2015

Product Swap with Hanging Around in Primary!

Hey ya'll! I have to share with you the most recent product swap I did! Just like last time, Melissa over at Jungle Learners hosted a fabulous opportunity for us bloggers to swap products and share with the world just how awesome they are! It was so fun last time, that I just had to jump on board again. And just like last time, I will be giving away a copy of the product I tried out and my partner in crime will be giving away a copy of MY product that she chose over at her blog!

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This time around, I was matched up with Christina over at Hanging Around in Primary!

Out of the products in my store, she chose to try out my 2D and 3D Shape Activities pack for grades K-2! Check out her blog post by clicking the image above or below. She will be giving one of my shape packs away on her blog so you don't want to miss the chance! In celebration of another awesome product swap I will also be putting the 2D and 3D Shape Activities pack on sale 20% off through the weekend! Yay!

Christina has a variety of Read and Write the Room products which are always a big hit with my class of kinders, so I was dying to try one of hers. I chose the Read and Write the Room Numbers to 30 pack. My kinders are working on numbers up to 20, but because of the 100th day the other day, we have been counting way beyond 20. I felt like going up to 30 would be a great way to practice those 2-digit numbers!

I printed out each 1/3 page card, cut, and laminated them. You don't necessarily have to laminate them, but you'll see why I did in a moment... After you print the cards, attach them to the wall around the room or in one area for students to locate and figure out which number should go in place of that tricky yellow question mark.

Also included is the recording sheet for students to find the matching cards and write in the missing number! I printed these in black and white to save on printing costs but they are provided in color. The pencil banner matches the cards on the wall so if you have more than one Write the Room activity going on there is no confusion on which cards students are to look for. Students look at the red letter at the top of the cards on the wall and write their answer in the corresponding box on the recording sheet. I really like how Christina made the labels with letters rather than numbers. It was much less confusing than labeling them with another number! And for some of my lower babies it was extra practice for letter matching. ;)

My classroom is a teeny tiny portable, but the bright side is I can staple to the wall! I don't have to worry about tape or sticky tack falling off the wall. Now you see why I laminated them... I put them near the water fountain. I decided that would be the best place because that is also where I have my 100s chart posted, so for those trickier high numbers that my students are still learning, they have the chart to refer to to help them! The image above does not show all the cards included. There are more to the right and the left scattered and mixed up. I have done Write the Room in the past where the cards are truly scattered around the entire room, but because of the location of the helpful 100s chart, I decided to have them a little closer together this time. 

I placed the recording sheet on a clipboard and the kids knew what to do right away! We do Write the Room activities quite a bit in my class so the activity was predictable, which is always a good thing when it comes to an independent center.

I really like this picture of these two kiddos sharing and helping each other. I usually do centers in pairs, but depending on your students and your classroom, you could do this with much larger groups. The feedback I always get from my students on Write the Room activities is that they LOVE to look around for the cards they need next.

Christina has a ton of other Read and Write the Room activities that look great as well and if your kiddos like this one, having these activities ready for them with varying skills will be great!

And now for the moment we have all been waiting for!! Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a copy of Hanging Around in Primary's Read and Write the Room Numbers to 30 pack! She also has the pack on sale in her store through the weekend! And be sure to check out Hanging Around in Primary for a post on my 2D and 3D Shape Activities pack and enter that giveaway, too! And don't forget to check out the other bloggers who are swapping products this weekend. There are a TON of other giveaways going on on their blogs, too! I know I'll be entering them! Their links are below! Good luck!

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