January 19, 2015

Wow! What are the chances?

I JUST posted today about my buddy Celeste's big 300 follower giveaway... how prophetic that I, too, would hit 300 followers TODAY!

Well, I have to celebrate somehow! But with all the giveaways going on, I thought, why not a FLASH FOLLOWER FREEBIE and a HUGE store-wide sale?!

If you follow my TpT store, you will be receiving a follower freebie in your inbox today! I can't wait for you to see it and use it in your classrooms!

And now for the big sale! EVERYTHING in my store will be buy one get one free through this week and it will end on Saturday the 24th.

Here's what to do:

EMAIL ADDRESS: DaisyDesignsTpT@gmail.com

If you aren't sure of the product combinations you want, take a look at the deals you could get!

So many possibilities!

If you do not currently follow my store, make sure you do, so you can get that follower freebie TONIGHT!

Thank you for everything, dear followers! It is because of you that I can share my creations and ideas and I truly appreciate all the support I have been given from each and every one of you.