August 22, 2014

Five for THE FIRST Friday! {Aug. 22}

I survived my first week of Kindergarten! And I would say it was successful. I mean... I only cried once! And some of the kids didn't cry at all! That's good, right?! ;)

It has been AGES since I hopped on board with a Five for Friday post and I've missed it! I have to apologize though... I didn't snag as many pictures as I thought that didn't have the kiddos' pretty faces in it. I just don't like posting them online... :)

Today we tried centers for the very first time! For pretty much every child in the room, this was the first time they had EVER done centers. Several of them did not know what a center was! Some children had gone to pre-school and seems like they had done some centers before.

They did a great job! We practiced rotating through centers in the morning with my cuing system of ringing a bell once for clean up and twice for switching centers. They thought it was fun to switch centers! And we didn't even have the centers yet!!

I tried to do some easy centers to get them in the groove. I have a para at the end of the day and I had her run a pirate themed (of course!) picture BINGO center.

I got the freebie from LyndaSLP123's TpT store. I wish I had been able to print it in color, but it didn't work out. I printed them in black and white and laminated them. The kids loved it and it was a fun, calm center. My para paid attention to the ones who could match the pictures and who needed to work on that skill. 

We also did Play-Do mats to make some uppercase letters. I only printed and laminated the mats of the letters we are focusing on for the first and second unit of our reading series so not to overwhelm them with mats to choose from (and not to overwhelm myself with printing all at once!). I got these babies for free as well from The Wise Owl's TpT store. FREE, PEOPLE! Hooray!

Although we really don't talk too much about patterns for a bit, I decided to do a pattern activity and introduce AB patterns. I cut large paper in half and wrote each child's name in pencil on them. Each child received strips of paper in two colors of their choice. They cut the strips into squares (which was NECESSARY practice for a few of them) and glued them in an AB pattern on their name!

Some did better than others... But they turned out great and they are (obviously) hanging from the ceiling for the kids to see Monday morning!

I have AWESOME news, ya'll! I am teaming up with a group of great education bloggers in a collaborative blog coming soon! I am excited about it! It is called Teaching 2 Step Blog and it will be ready to go shortly (don't worry, I'll let you know when...) I am in charge of all things Kindergarten for this blog, so kinder teachers make sure you check it out! Other teachers, check it out, too! We have posts, ideas, and freebies for all grade levels.

My dog is totally stoked that I leave really early in the morning now for school. The SECOND I get out of bed to shower that dog bolts to my pillow. Sorry this picture is dark... I didn't want to disturb my husband. But seriously?! She's sleeping on my pillow like a human! She won't be happy tomorrow when I sleep in!

I am super excited to tell you that my adult tap class was extremely successful over the summer and has been picked up to be taught once a week in the fall! How awesome is that?! People are signing up left and right!

The schedule of classes was just posted online, so if you live in the Central Florida area, check it out! Click the image above to go to the website for more info. I will be the instructor for both adult tap classes and a class called "Around the World in 80 Musicals" for ages 8-12.

I would like to say that I can't wait till next Friday to so another one of these posts... but I gotta say... I'm truly excited for the weekend and for sleep. Good night!

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