August 4, 2014

Aren't You LOVING The Sale??

I had to link up with my purchases! I HAD to! Money is a little tight, but I made it work to buy 4 items that have been on my wishlist for AGES! (And to be completely honest, I will likely go back and stock up on super sweet clipart... but I digress).

So, what did YOU buy?!?!

I love looking at what other teachers bought! But it is dangerous as it makes me load my cart up again...

Here's what I snatched up:

I seriously LOVE all the products by KindergartenWorks and have followed Leslie's blog for a long time now! And now that I know I'm teaching Kindergarten, you better believe I stopped by her store. As you may know, I'm doing a pirate theme this year and HAD TO HAVE THIS. I adore it already and I haven't even used it yet! Her products are fantastic with great images, great fonts, multiple printing options for those of us who need to save the ink, and everything I've gotten from her has great detailed instructions for us teachers to refer to. I cannot WAIT to print these bad boys out and have them ready for my little pirates!

How adorable is THIS?! There are TONS of activities in this download (seriously... so much more than I thought I was getting...) and for anyone who teaches Kindergarten, you know that teaching the kids how to get along and be a team takes a lot of time and practice. I love that it is pirate themed for my classroom theme this year and that the activities will work for my class all year.

What kind of TpT sale would this be if I didn't have a Moffatt Girls product in my cart? I decided to go all in and download the bundle. I knew based on the preview and the reviews that I would love them and couldn't decide on a season to download. I would hate to only download the Fall packet and then have to go back and download Winter, Spring, and Summer. With the sale, it made the bundle very affordable and much less than buying them all separately. I just went through and drooled over how awesome the printables are. To say the least, I'm very pleased with this purchase.

This one was a purchase I have been debating on since Krista started doing these VIP memberships. Based on the reviews, I've been missing out. So while I don't have something to show for this download YET, I love the idea that I will be getting something new every week. Her clipart is so precious and is one of my absolute FAVES, so I'm excited for this membership. Anyone else download these?

So now that I've spent the money I allowed myself to yesterday, I of course still have a few things in my cart that I'm still itching to buy. I probably will load up tomorrow.... Haha.

I've got some clipart by Educlips in there that is so cute I can't stand it. I especially love the Thanksgiving set and with the Fall months sneaking up on us, I might go ahead and jump on that.

I also have more KindergartenWorks products in there. I'm thinking that one just isn't enough...

And I also have the School's In Session packet by Julie Lee.

The sale is still going on through tomorrow so make sure you stock up! My entire store is 20% off with the additional percentage off with the BTS14 code! I know there a lot of people who have some products wishlisted. Now's the time people!

Here are the products that have been very popular during this sale that you may want to check out before time runs out! Click the pictures to take a closer look.

Click here to check out what other people are buying!!
And click HERE to see what people are THINKING about buying! This is fun.

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