May 2, 2014

Can It Possibly Be The End of The Year Already?!

Hey there readers. I can't believe it is already May!! It is really silly how fast time flies (when you're having fun of course...).

I just wanted to let ya'll know that I have a new series of products for the end of the year. Some for Kindergarten, some for First Grade, and some for any grade level. Check 'em out!!

The End of the Year Writing Prompt Task Cards

There are 16 task cards in each bundle and are appropriate writing prompts for each grade level. The prompts are writing topics that deal with kindergarten or first grade experiences as well as things the students look forward to or how they feel about the next grade level.

Click the pictures for a preview.

 The End of the Year Scrapbooks

I'm a huge lover of memory books and scrapbooks. I know I'm not the only one. Scrapbooking is something I've loved to do since middle school! These are half page books to help save on printing that the students can color and decorate till their heart's content as well as adding in memories, drawings, and kindergarten/first grade favorites. There's also a page at the end for autographs. Each scrapbook is 9 half pages long. Just print, cut, and staple together for each kiddo.

Click the pictures for a preview.

The End of the Year Classroom Trading Cards

Probably my favorite end of the year activity are these trading cards. Each student collects their trading cards on each student (think baseball cards or the more current Pokemon cards). Each student has a card that their peers can collect featuring their name, their favorite things, a picture or a drawing of them, and of course, their signature. This is appropriate for any grade level and included are traditional size trading cards that would fit in those plastic binder card sheets and larger cards for smaller hands. There are also Teacher Cards they can collect. Lots of fun and the kids love it. Who doesn't like collecting cards?

The End of the Year Autograph Pages

Some of my own fondest end of the year memories growing up was getting everyone's autograph. I especially loved getting my teachers' autographs because they always wrote nice little notes. Some schools do yearbooks and students can sign those, but yearbooks can be expensive and some students are not able to afford them. Providing them with an autograph sheet will make sure that everyone is included in the autograph signing and that the students who may not be able to obtain their own yearbook, can bring this home and treasure it just as I have treasured my autographs. There are 4 different designs to choose from and are appropriate for any grade level. ;)

And if you are interested in all of the downloads, they are bundled at a discounted price! I am currently finishing up the First Grade bundle so bear with me, but the Kindergarten bundle is up and ready for download!

The bundle previews have images of every product, so click the pictures to check that out. :)