May 13, 2014

I Hate Moving...

In the past 8 years, I have moved... wait for it... 9 times. That's more than once a year! But hopefully this next move will last a while. I mean, this move makes the 10th move since 2006! Ugh!

Oh how I hate packing boxes and moving furniture and unpacking and cleaning the dust off the things you're packing and haven't cleaned in a while and when you finally feel like you are done with the MOVING part, you have to organize and get the new place up and running.... Bleggh! I just hate it! Sorry for that really long run on sentence, but that's how my brain is working right now.

Everything is a mess before it is packed. It is driving me insane. I worked for hours yesterday, sorting and packing and dusting. This is the result! I feel like it should look a lot better than that! 

I know that it will all be worth it in the end. We are moving into a beautiful home. The situation is actually quite perfect. My husband and I as newlyweds, moved in temporarily with my parents in the built in garage until we were enough out of wedding and school debt (thankfully we were smart about it and didn't have a lot... but still...) to find a nice apartment or house to rent. Then the plan was to save more money after we were done with school to go towards a house. This is the situation for a lot of young newlyweds and college students as I've found while researching places to live.

But then, plans changed drastically! My mother-in-law got a new amazing job where she gets to travel and every three weeks the company she works for flies her home for a weekend. She's doing something she loves, seeing new places, meeting new people, but still gets time with her grown children at home. That's why she didn't want to sell the house. She wants a place to come home to and the house needed a lot of work and updates before it could be sold anyway. That's where we come in... we are taking care of the house while she is away! The stipulation: she gets her bed when she comes home every three weekends. I can totally handle that.

My sister-in-law will also be living with us, which is fine, seeing as it is a five bedroom house and she's awesome. The floors are getting redone as we speak and slowly but surely the house will be like brand spankin' new! At that point, we may stay, we may move and she may sell it... we don't know. Either way, I am excited for this new adventure and I'm sure MY parents are thrilled as well. ;)

But really... moving is awful...