February 16, 2014

Gearing up for St. Patrick's Day

Hello fellow teachers! I have been racking my brain on something new for my kiddos for St. Patrick's Day. I have found SO MANY wonderful ideas online and am going to incorporate several of them into my classroom. But today, I edited an oldie for my class to reflect the time of year.

We play this game called "Find the Sparrow." We were reading a book about trees and sparrows and it fit! Basically there are sight words typed out on cards with trees behind them (I apologize I don't have pictures right now...) and then there are "point cards" with sparrows on them. I put the cards in a pocket chart and hide the sparrow cards behind some of them. I believe we have 6 sparrow cards and about 40 sight word cards. The students take turns, choose a word, read the word, spell the word, and then I remove the card from the pocket chart. If there's a sparrow behind it, they win that card as a point. At the end of the game, when all the cards are gone, the winner come up to the front and the whole class celebrates the winners. Usually there are anywhere from 4-6 winners.

Well, I made this game as a St. Patrick's Day game and I am so excited! There are two games I made, one with easier words and one with harder words. One is called "Find the Leprechaun" and the other is called "Find the Pot O' Gold." I think they turned out really sweet and I can't wait to use them next month with the kiddos!

I posted it HERE on my TpT store and hope that you check them out!