February 9, 2014

A BIG week and a BIG sale!

This week is a BIG one for me! Due the number of celebratory events this week, I'll make a list...

1) Ryan proposed to me a year ago tomorrow. <3

2) Ryan's birthday is on Wednesday. He will be 28!

3) Valentine's Day is on Friday.

4) February 16th is the anniversary of our starting to date in 2009. 5 years!

5) This is my first week of planning and teaching the entire day. Gonna be a loooooong week...

So in honor of all these crazy things, I'm throwing a sale! 20% off my entire store on Teachers Pay Teachers. I know several of you have wishlisted the items, so now's the time to grab 'em. I will have them all on sale through Saturday! Check it all out here: Daisy Designs.

Have a great week!