December 29, 2016

The Highlights of 2016

What a year! I think everyone can agree that 2016 was a wild one! Good or bad, everyone has some highlights! What are yours? Link up at the end of the post to share what your 2016 highlights were.

The BEST highlight of this year, without a doubt, was the birth of my first child, Isaac. He was born in August and nothing can top what an amazing four months it has been so far!

He's so wonderful, I can't even describe it. People tell you over and over again how amazing it is to become a parent, but no one can truly prepare you for the amount of love you can feel for a tiny little person.

I know 2016 for some might not have been the best year, but for me, 2016 was incredible because of my little man, Isaac.

Here's his four month photo. His room is all about dinosaurs! I take his monthly picture with him laying on the rug in his room! <3

The family vacation! When I was 6ish months pregnant, I went on a family vacation with my husband's family. It was more fun than I can tell you! We traveled up to Dillard, Georgia to The Dillard House and rented a cabin. Other than the terrifying driving on the hills I'm not used to (Florida land is FLAT, people), everything about this trip was perfect. I couldn't do the horseback riding or the hiking trails because of how pregnant I was, but I could eat a lot and relax! It was right after school ended, so it was the perfect time to go! Such amazing memories were made here with our family AND my sister-in-law did my maternity photos with the gorgeous scenery in the background!

The Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in July was quite an experience. I hadn't ever gone and was so excited to meet some of the amazing fellow bloggers and sellers I've only spoken to online. What I expected: to learn a lot (which I did). What I DIDN'T expect: to make so many new friends and to soak in so much shared passion and joy for children and education. The excitement was palpable! Although I was a month away from meeting my baby boy, the conference was only an hour and a half drive south of my home town... I couldn't miss it! I will definitely be going again, this time with less swollen feet...

Look at these wonderful faces! (Disregard my pregnant "glow," AKA disgusting sweat from a Florida July). Absolutely LOVED meeting Art With Jenny K, Krista Wallden (Creative Clips), Ashley Schroeder, Lovin' Lit, Amy from TpT(!!), Literary Sherri, Kooky Kinders, and Hanging Around in Primary! There are so many other amazing people I met but didn't get a picture with! We'll have to make up for it next year!

Okay, okay... I know... Isaac was already number one on my list... but all of the amazing events leading up to his birth need their own separate category! There were baby showers (TWO!), a gender reveal party in March (I was seriously in shock that I was having a boy!), and countless doctor's visits and ultrasounds. One such event was the "online" baby shower. My husband is a popular video game streamer on a live stream site called Twitch. He's totally living the dream. He has viewers who watch him and interact with him daily and at this point we consider them kind of a family. Apparently, they feel the same way. His viewers sent hundreds (not exaggerating) gifts for baby Isaac's arrival. We didn't open them, but instead stacked the boxes to the ceiling in my husband's office. We opened them live on stream so his viewers could see us and our thrilled and surprised faces. People are amazing.

I also cannot express the love I felt at our "real-life" baby shower. This child is so loved and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The fifth highlight is that I finished my best year teaching yet. I am staying home this school year and that was a tough decision to make. The 2015-2016 school year was the most amazing year. I never dreaded going to work. I loved my class so much and had a great time. It was bittersweet to see that year come to end. And although I LOVE and ADORE staying home with my little one, by heart belongs in the classroom and I will definitely be back.

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