November 29, 2015

Top Wishlisted Items

In case you haven't heard, TpT is having a SITEWIDE SALE on Monday and Tuesday!!! It's my favorite time of year, people!! These don't happen that often, so us teachers basically lose our minds during the few there are. My cart is packed and my apology face to my husband and bank account is ready to whip out ("But they were on sale!").

Don't forget, if it is a teacher resource and you're a teacher, all your purchases on TpT are tax deductible, and if you are a seller and it's clipart, it's tax deductible! WIN!

I think my favorite part of this sale is the code: SMILE. It has begun a happy, smiley movement on Instagram with sellers posting smiling pictures of themselves from childhood. I had to join in. What fun, right?

Sale begins November 30th

And just for fun, I'm joining in a fun linky party over at Teaching in the Tongass to share with you the three most wishlisted items in my store. If these items are on your wishlist, now's the time to snag them!

My Superhero Creative Writing pack has forever been my number 1 best selling product and I'm pretty sure it will always be in the lead. Last year, during a product swap, Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten chose this product to use with her advanced first graders and was kind enough to snap some pictures of it in use. 

This is only one page in this huge pack. I plan on using this pack with my second graders in February as that is when our next narrative writing unit will be. Can't wait!
Here's the link to check out my SUPERHERO CREATIVE WRITING PACK.

My Kindergarten Reading Wonders Units are a huge hit in my store and all of the units are on quite a few wishlists out there. This customer specifically commented on Unit 9, however all of the units are included in a giant bundle that will also be included in the sale. Already a money-saver, the bundle will go from it's current $130 (which already saves you $70) to BELOW $100... Each unit is valued at $20 each, so this saves you HALF.

These were a life-saver for my own classroom last year when I taught Kindergarten and I am thrilled that they are useful to other teachers using the Wonders program as well. Check out the preview images below.

Click the link to see all of the units: KINDERGARTEN WONDERS UNITS

And last but not least, the Recognition Badges I have in my store are a top wishlist item. These are designed to either go in lanyards that students can wear throughout the day or printed on labels to peel and stick on their shirts. Similar to brag tags, these labels are less prep for teachers and just as effective for students to "brag" about their achievements. Periodically, I add more designs, so if you purchase or have purchased in the past, just check your "My Purchases" tab to download new ones as they are added. The price on this pack will never go up, but now is a great time to snag them because the price is going DOWN! Woo-hoo!!!

Here are some sample badges from the pack:

Happy shopping, everyone! I can't wait to spend some money! ;)