November 14, 2015

Product Swap Blog Hop GIVEAWAY!

Hey there readers! I am so excited to share with you about this amazing product swap giveaway I have been a part of! Christina over at Hanging Around in Primary and Melanie at Momma With a Teaching Mission started this really fun product swap. Teacher bloggers/sellers swapped products for a chance to review them. Not only that, but we are all looped together to make it a fun blog hop! At the end of this post, click the check mark to go to the next blogger! Each set of posts will allow you to collect letters to spell out a mystery message AND give you an opportunity to win over $90 in products! If you like the products we have swapped and reviewed, enter the giveaway for a chance to win them all! WOOOO!

I swapped products with the amazing Mrs. D's Corner and am thrilled to share with you an incredibly useful product from her TpT store.

Our current Science unit in Second Grade is life cycles and this product caught my eye in Stephanie's store. By the looks of the preview I could see so much potential for students to make writing connections, use what they know, and have fun creating their foldable pieces. One other thing that struck my interest was that although the images in her product instructions, preview, and product cover show a file folder lapbook, these printable pieces could also be used within an Interactive Science Notebook (which I am a HUGE fan of). Because my class just did a lapbook on bats a few weeks ago, I decided to go with the INB usage of this product. I hope the photos I have here really show you the versatility of this product. I was very impressed with how thorough it is and how easily I could adapt the activities to fit the needs of my 20 kiddos.

Please keep in mind, I did not use every single page within the product. Take a look at the preview in Stephanie's TpT store to see everything included.


(I realized after I took this picture that this student forgot his arrows... We placed it in their notebooks going clockwise. Sorry about that!)

We got a lot of our information from a video I found on YouTube. The activity in this product allowed students to take notes about each stage. I simply paused the video after each stage and students wrote down their info underneath each flap. This student really thought the sesame seed information was interesting. If you are interested in the video I used, I found it HERE.


If you look at the preview of this product, these pieces go across the entire bottom of a lapbook if that's the way you'd like to complete the activity. In our notebooks, we left them solid and glued them in sideways. Students cut the squares out and sequenced them in order from beginning to end, discussing each stage as we got to it. I really liked this specific activity because it didn't just focus on the main stages. It included what the caterpillar does while it is a caterpillar (eating leaves and then beginning to hang itself up to begin the next stage) and the emerging butterfly, which I have found that kids are really curious about! It was also great practice for sequencing, which is always a good skill to practice. This activity also included a short writing prompt which really made the students think and utilize their knowledge on life stages as well as content vocabulary.


This kiddo had a little bit of a difficult time gluing this one but his answers were so sweet, I had to include it! This was one of my favorite activities in the whole product. The students were able to put a personal spin on the topic by answering questions like "What would YOU do?" Underneath each wing was where they wrote their answers.

I agree! The road is certainly not a safe place to fly! I'll stick with the ice cream shop. :)


This was absolute PERFECT timing for this activity as we are studying poetry in ELA at the moment. I absolutely LOVE how these turned out! These two students (above and below) worked together on this and had similar answers, but I had to share! I was so proud of them and how these turned out!

There was also this vocabulary flip flap foldable. I am not sure why this student highlighted proboscis. Maybe she liked that word? Anyway, under each flap we wrote a brief definition of each word.

As you can see, I used quite a big chunk of this product! There were two activities that I did not use, strictly due to time (there's never enough of that, can I get an Amen?). If used as a lapbook, there are beautiful cover pages for the front of the lapbook as well as two other activities: a butterfly and moth compare and contrast Venn diagram; and a First, Next, Then, Last flap book for writing more detailed descriptions for each.

If you'd like more details on this product, check out Mrs. D's Corner on TpT by clicking the image below.

Just as I received a product from Stephanie, she received one of my products to review! It's one of my favorites, so be sure to check out her post about the Weather Mobile and Poems Craftivity if you haven't already by clicking the image below:

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